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For an in-depth operation and user guide, read the above user manual.

What is an Elide Fireball?

The Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball is a new and innovative concept in firefighting.  It is effectively a dry chemical powder based fire extinguisher that excels at spot protection, but can be used equally effectively against fires generally. The device is a small, highly portable ball, which automatically actives within about 3 seconds of contact with a flame.  It requires minimal training, is light and easily carried and is highly effective. The Elide Fire Fireball is world patented by Elide Fire, with no other extinguishing ball like this able to be manufactured.

What are the most important features of the Elide Fire Ball extinguisher?

  • Automatically activated only on a flame with a 9 m2 range – no need to even be there.
  • Only activates on a flame – no false activations
  • 5 year lifespan with no need for annual/periodical maintenance activities – saving you money
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Emits a loud noise during activation which acts as a fire alarm
  • Suitable for all types of fires (CLASS —A, B, C, E and F)
  • Can be dropped from two metres

What types of fires can the balls be used on?
CLASS A: Combustibles — materials such as paper, cloth, wood, rubber, plastic, etc.
CLASS B: Flammable liquids — substances such as gasoline, diesel, alcohol.
CLASS C: Flammable gasses — gases such as propane, butane, methane.
CLASS E: Electrical – fires involving electrical equipment, fuses, computers, power sources, etc.
CLASS F: Cooking — fires involving cooking oils and fats.

Automatically activated – 9 m2 range & 3 second detonation

The Elide Fire Ball, as previously mentioned, is automatically activated. The ball has an effective range of 9m2, and an activation time of about 3 seconds. The ball is simply mounted above a point of ‘danger’, and when a fire breaks out the Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball will combat the fire automatically. The ball can also be used manually, by simply removing it from its holder and throwing it into the fire.

5-year lifespan with no need for annual/periodical maintenance activities

The Elide Fire Fireball is designed and intended to last 5 years. In a commercial situation (at a public place or any business) your fire extinguishers legally must be services/checked every 6 months in accordance with AS 1851-2012. This can add up to $200 in a 5 year period per extinguisher, more expensive than a Elide Fire Ball. Don’t forget the Elide Fire Ball is automatic, with standard, non portable automatic fire suppression systems (like in kitchens, business, manufacturing e.c.t) costing thousands of dollars in installation and service. Elide Fire Fireball is 5 years maintenance free, meaning the product does not require evaluation and testing that fire extinguishers require, saving you money. After 5 years, the ball is still viable with around 20% lost efficiently, however it is not guaranteed to work.

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

The Elide Fire Ball is completely non-toxic to the environment, animals and humans. The mono ammonium phosphate powder inside is safe. The powder has the Non-Hazardous H.S CODE: 3813.00.00 and is bio degradable when undamaged, meaning it can be placed in normal landfill.

Emits a loud noise during activation which acts as a fire alarm

The Elide Fire Fireball detonates with a 120 decibels noise. This is around the level of noise of a thunderclap, or a chainsaw, meaning it is safe for human hearing and creates an effective, attention grabbing alarm.

Only activates on a flame – no false activations

The Elide Fire Fireball only activates upon a touch of a flame at approximately 85 degrees Celsius, meaning no false activations.

Lightweight and comfortable to use

The Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball only weighs 1.5kg, meaning it is extremely lightweight. The ball also only has a diameter of 15cm, making manual use easier than a standard fire extinguisher.

Can be dropped from two meters

The Elide Fire Fireball can be dropped from two meters.

Storage requirements?
Keep dry and away from direct sunlight in temperatures between -40 degrees Celsius & + 85 degrees Celsius.

Life of the Fireball?
5 years with no service required during its lifespan.