Current Clients

Fireball Suppression Services has proudly installed ElideFire® Fireballs in many mineral, oil and gas units.

Evolution Mining

Fireball Suppression Services has provided planning, installation and ongoing maintenance to Evolution Mining. As seen in the images, the Fireballs are placed in strategic locations allowing for both automatic detonation and manual detonation.

Evolution Mining is currently installing ElideFire® Fireballs in their mining facilities and rigs at Mount Carlton. This has greatly reduced the cost of Evolution Mining’s fire suppression system installation and ongoing maintenance costs.

Joshua Nott, Health, Safety and Training Superintendent at Mt Rawdon and former ERT and Risk Advisor at Mt Rawdon, Cracow and Mt Carlton, tested the balls for us and given them his stamp of approval.

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Business Owner Adrian Abbott and Operations and Safety Manager Paul Gaffney

CREATENERGYe develops and implements waste and energy solutions. Previous projects include oil reprocessing, diesel displacement and coal mine and coal seam processing solutions.

CREATENERGYe is currently installing ElideFire® Fireballs in their manufacturing facility and in all of their units built for the resources industry clients.

ElideFire® Fireballs will be used in all our generators going forward on all mine sites and will be retrofitted to existing units onsite.

Paul Gaffney, Operations and Safety Manager

Technical Details

The ElideFire® Fireballs is endorsed by independ industry experts at BSI Group (British Standards Institute)

BSI Group Certified

The ElideFire® Fireball has received a BSI Group (British Standards Institution) Verification Certificate.

Independent, third party industry experts have reviewed the Fireball’s technical information, such as test data, technical files and reports, and have endorsed the product.

The ElideFire® Fireball has also been tested by several companies by QFES, the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.

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