Fireball Suppression Services has a solution for all vehicles, regardless of size, suppression needs and service requirements.

Whether you build or operate mine grade haul trucks, manage a bus fleet or want your fleet of business vans, utes and cars protected from complete write-off, Fireball Suppression Services has a solution.

We have 6 inch standard ElideFire® Fireball for larger engines, the 4 inch Fireball for tight spaces and the 4 inch water-resistant Fireball for areas which experience water exposure. Our experience will combine all these units, and our range of shock resistant mounts, to provide cost-effective fire suppression for any application required.

The ElideFire® Fireball that Fireball Suppression Services uses is also prefect for your workshop. Mick Kennett, our Business Operations Manager, has spent 30+ in the Automotive Machinery industry and owned a very successful workshop for 11 of those years. He knows their versatility, and their effectiveness in controlling automotive related fires.

Examples of our work